Special* is a casting & street scouting agency based in New York, NY. Specializing in casting persons with unique characteristics and natural features for everything from runway shows to fashion lookbooks.


The identity relied heavily on the simple capitalization and addition of the asterisks so as to be reproducible in any medium with zero design help.


Vibrant sale and special signage found throughout grocery stores and bodegas in Brooklyn provided inspiration for the identity. Common typefaces with character reference the different types of subjects encounted on the streets.

Special Inspiration
Special Collateral
Business Cards & Scouting Notepad

Business cards needed to feel legitimate enough for someone to feel comfortable with the interaction and memorable enough to remember the interaction when called upon. Sturdy, plastic cards were chosen that mimicked the discount vernacular we referenced in naming.

Street Scouted Subjects
Street scouting

Subjects scouted on the streets of NYC.

Street Scouted Subjects
Special Cards