Singles Club


Creative Direction, Identity, Editorial Photography, Packaging Design, Product Design


Singles Club is a quarterly subscription record club & digital music journal focusing on sharing original music and stories from artists all over the world.

Singles Club Marks
Singles Club Typeface: Avante Garde Gothic Std
Singles Club Colors
Singles Club Lapel Pin
Singles Club Signature Lapel Pin
Singles Club Subscription Box
Subscription Boxes

Singles Club subscribers received their first issue in custom ’45 boxes. Subsequent issues were housed in these boxes through each yearly cycle.

Singles Club Year 1 Release
Singles Club Releases Year 1/2
Single Issues

While the bulk of issues were delivered via subscription additional packaging was needed to satisfy retail sale. Thick mylar sleeves felt professional while stickers provided quick background on the project and release.

Singles Club Year 1 Record Label
Singles Club Year 2 Record Label
Classic, but not

Drawing inspiration from classic ’45 labels the Singles Club label was designed to be unique and uniform to tie all issues together through the volume.

Singles Club Year 2 Exclusive Subscriber Variant
Clear Vinyl Pressing exclusive to Year 2 Subscribers
Singles Club Year 2 Packaging
Volume 2 packaging

Records released in the second volume were distributed and housed in custom die-cut packaging. Detailed descriptions printed inside painted a picture of what the listener was about to experience.

Singles Club Digital Issue: Listen & Begin
Listen & Begin

The digital component of each issue allows readers to stream the side-a track. The button reading “Listen & Begin” greets each issue and encourages the drops the user into the issue while starting the audio.

Singles Club Digital Issue Player
Singles Club Issue 5 feat: Monster Rally
Digital Issue

Each Issue contains 3 written features, photography, interviews, & more. All working to paint a full picture of the featured artist. Read Issue 7 Now.

Singles Club Issue 5 feat: Monster Rally
Issue 5 featuring Monster Rally
Singles Club Issue 1 feat: Daniel Bachman
Issue 1 featuring Daniel Bachman

Photography plays a big part in each issue and was directed to capture the genuine nature and environment of each featured artist.

Singles Club Issue 1 feat: Daniel Bachman
Singles Club Issue 1 feat: Daniel Bachman
Issue 1 featuring Daniel Bachman
Singles Club Issue 2 feat: Small Sur
Small Sur for Issue 2
Singles Club Issue 3 feat: Woodsman
Woodsman in studio for Issue 3
Singles Club Issue 6 feat: You Blew It!
You Blew It! performing in NYC featured in Issue 6
Singles Club Issue 6 feat: You Blew It!
Tanner Jones of You Blew it! in NYC (Photo: Daniel Dorsa)